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Tim Gale

Phone 01223- 929101
Direct Number 01223- 929101
Mobile Number 07808- 631167

Mr. Tim Gale
Tim Gale 4 Business
90 High Street

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Tim Gale

Tim Gale 4 Business

Executive Director

My BusinessThey say you can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. Fortunately I don't work with horses !! My 30 years work experience in policing, direct sales and business ownership give me a canny knack that enables me to drill down fast and establish the ONE THING holding my clients back. Then we drill down fast to establish strategies, which I hold them accountable to, which will make the difference. Take a look at the video and ask yourself who you know that is bleeding ? A discovery session costs nothing but is often the first step to a whole new life.

Ideal ReferralBusiness owner with ambitious plans to grow. May be selling B2C or B2B. Serious about growing, increasing sales, profit, systems and efficiency or any permutation thereof. May be "bleeding" and know it. May be bleeding and not know it (but perhaps you can see it)

Top Product121, Hands On, Sales Consulting. This involves actually making sales calls with clients wherein we can feedback and, in turn, refine sales processes and significantly improve results.

Top Problem SolvedImproving a clients conversion rate from 40% to 90% whilst doubling prices at the same time.

My Favorite BNI StoryIt was a real pleasure to be the Chapter Director in Granta BNI of Cambridge when we hit 52 members and were the first BNI chapter in Europe to "go platinum". It is also very pleasing to have my photograph on the BNI Europe home page. The picture was taken while I was chairing one of the largest chapter launches in the UK.

My Ideal Referral PartnerAccountants, Bank Managers, Marketing specialists, Freelance Finance Directors, Life Coaches, Book Keepers.