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About BNI

Today there is overwhelming evidence to show that collaborative working can generate significant profits that businesses would simply never be able to achieve on their own. BNI has been applying this principle for the past three decades in a practical way to create a finely tuned new business machine that works for virtually any trade or profession you care to name. It’s called Referral Marketing and although it uses networking, it goes way beyond the casual events so often presented to us as professional opportunities for new business.

Givers Gain

Each BNI group allows only one business from any given trade or profession, so that those members can lock out their competition and use their BNI membership to full advantage. BNI members meet every week but instead of selling their services to one another, they educate and train one another to become the most effective sales and marketing team imaginable. Everyone is motivated to help one another because they know that their fellow members are doing the same for them. BNI call this: Givers Gain® and it works because it means simply this:

“If I give you business you’ll want to give me business.”

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Typical Trades and Professions That You’ll Find at BNI

Can BNI Help My Business?

The short answer is: yes. We believe BNI can help any business, large or small, to become more successful. Our unique Referral Marketing System has captured the imagination of over a million businesses. It goes beyond networking and teaches BNI members how to build trust and credibility with dozens of other business professionals, so that they can become confident enough to refer business to one another.

BNI helps more businesses than any other organisation of its kind in the world. Its membership benefits are second to none and are all designed to create a regular flow of quality new business. These include:

BNI offers practical business benefits including:

  • Growing your business profile and exposure
  • Introduction to influential business professionals
  • Building your own professional network
  • Extending your business influence
  • Comprehensive business networking training
  • Referral Marketing skills workshops
  • Public speaking and presentation skills
  • Free New Member Pack and training materials
  • Bigger, better clients through Referral Marketing
  • An unrivalled business support network
  • Local and national conference invitations

Whether you’re a natural networker or not, BNI can work for you. We hold 6 networking events in Suffolk & Cambridge every week including:

5 networking events in Cambridge every week and 2 networking events near Ipswich every week.

Come and find out more.

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